Il cinema all’aperto di Oakland mostra: Damage is Done

June 6, 2019

(English text below) Sono onorato di annunciare che il mio video Damage is Done (The Violation of Thémis) sarà presentato da ProArts e dai Dream Farm Commons nel loro secondo Saturday 15th Street Outdoor Screening. I video saranno proiettati su larga scala attraverso il muro di Dream Farm Commons, a Oakland, CA. Presented by ProArts and Dream Farm Commons As part of 15th Street Outdoor Second Saturday Videos 348 15th Street, Oakland, CA Saturday, June 8 8:00pm -10:00 pm I curatori artistici di questa mostra hanno scritto: “Il nostro suggerimento mensile è “In Memory of…” Abbiamo selezionato alcuni video che… Read more

Interview: How Can You Build A Ruin…Much Less a Noble One?

June 15, 2017

“Every morning when I shave, I greet my noble ruin. It is my most honest memoir.” In this interview I explore and explain my current show “Building the Noble Ruin” being presented at Anderson Ranch Art Center.... Read More

Massimo Salari sull’arte di Daniel Dallabrida come catarsi

April 30, 2017

Daniel si definisce un raccontastorie. Ma ai miei – di occhi – appare sempre più come un custode del segreto della creazione. E i suoi racconti celano proprio quello. - Massimo Salari, poet, actor, playwright and television commentator ... Read More

A Return to Form: Damage is Done (The Violation of Thémis) Debuts in Kansas City

April 15, 2017

My multi-channel video Damage is Done (The Violation of Thémis) debuted at the Anderson Ranch Legacy: Mentoring Artistic Excellence exhibition in Kansas City on March 19. This exhibition was a cornerstone of the 50th conference of NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts).... Read More

Inspired Poet Tom Comitta Responds to Memento Mori

December 29, 2016

Having Danced on a Volcano (Memento Mori)
after and for Daniel Dallabrida
(Speech-text by Tom Comitta. First presented at the pan-generational salon Younger Than Jesus / Older Than AIDS.)
This gallery doesn’t need any sort of description any sort of description, so this is me shutting TFU and letting you get to it.  And if you end up and if you end up getting bored with sexy butts,... Read More

Invitation to SF Open Studios, Fall 2016

November 1, 2016

Please visit my Open Studio on the weekend of November 5 & 6, 11am to 6pm. British Grocery Studios, 726 15th Street @ Potrero Si monumentum requiris, circumspect If you need a monument, look around Further studies on survival, loss, and the continued impact of the AIDS Crisis Years... Read More

Daily Serving/Art Practical Reviews of Building the Noble Ruin

April 9, 2016

“One of the most arresting installations is a triptych titled Fraternitas Misericordia in Pace Prima del Diluvio/At Peace Before the Deluge (1964–2015). The work anchors a full wall, from which the subjects of the parade-size banners watch over the gallery like patron saints or vigilantes. Not only are the enormous banners imposing, the stark figures pictured seem to gaze back at viewers with candid appraisal, as though we, the gallery-goers, are the real subjects on display.”... Read More

Welcome to my Website – Join in the Conversation

April 9, 2016

Dearest Friends and Family It has been ten years since I made my decision to step away from my communications consulting practice and enter an new phase of my life. With the enduring, abiding love and support of my partner Deary, I have climbed every mountain and followed every rainbow.  I have pursued my dream of learning to speak with a new language and to make the art I could imagine. With the support of many thoughtful teachers, colleagues and fellow artists, I have pushed myself further and further out on that ledge and become more willing to leap into… Read more

Visit My Spring Open Studio: April 16-17, Noon-6pm @ 726 15th Street

April 8, 2016

Join us at the British Grocery Studios @ 726 15th Street as we participate in the Mission Artists United Spring Open Studios on Sat-Sun, April 16-17, noon-6pm. Featuring the visual art of Ilana Crispi, Hunter Franks, Boback Emad, and myself as well as the drinkable art of Jason Beck there will be something for every taste. There are hundreds of artists’ work being presented through out the Mission this weekend. For a printable map to guide click here. Find more information check out this Facebook link. Or stop by the British Grocery Studios at 726 15th Street to pick up… Read more

Check Out Version 2.0 of My Website: With Kudos to Design Studio Roundhex

March 18, 2016

I’ve gone mobile. Check out Version 2.0 of my fabulous website. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alexej Steinhardt and his crew at Roundhex. We have collaborated successfully on visual identity, web design and printed materials. Check out their description of our process and the development of my signature glyph.... Read More